Acai Burn Review

acai burnAcai Burn is a diet pill that “was designed to help you accomplish a great body you have always desired…USE WITH CAUTION!” (Web site).

The real true with Acai Burn is that this is just another diet product that has big claims and no clinical or medical back up at all. This is not so healthy diet pill; actually it is one of the worst ever.

Acai Burn ingredients

Information about Acai Burn that you can find on their web site is very indefinite. They are revealing that Acai Burn products contain chromium polynicotinate, gymnema sylvestre, garcinia cambogia and green tea. Anyway they are not disclosing if there are some other ingredients or amount of every ingredient.

For some of the ingredients there are clinical tests that prove effectiveness. But Acai Burn hides information about is there enough amount of each ingredient to induce actual weight loss. In spite of claims of many diet pills, Acai has NOT any clinical or medical back up to cause weight loss.

Research on Acai Burn

Acai Burn web site officials have made the statement that few research studies have been conducted about effectiveness and success at weight loss treatment. But you can not find anywhere who, when or where this studies were conducted.

When you see type of information like this it means in most cases that this was all nothing but a set up, everything was done just to make this product look better than it really is.

How does Acai Burn works?

It is grown originally in the Amazon rain forest. The Acai Berry has been proclaimed to be “world’s super food”. It offers to users unbelievable benefits, the Acai Berry naturally contains:

  • Antioxidants
  • Fiber
  • Vitamins A, B and C
  • Calcium
  • Proteins
  • Amino acids

Besides to its nutritional compound it has been proven that consumers can achieve many healthy benefits from Acai Berry such as:

  • Energy levels are increased
  • Created feeling of happiness
  • Lower signs of aging
  • Quality of skin improves

Considering that Acai Berry provides so many benefits for consumers, creators of Acai Burn decided to include this fruit as one of the leading ingredients of the Acai Burn supplement.

In addition to Acai Berry this product also contains some more ingredients such as gymnema sylvestre extract, chromium polyconate, garcinia cambogia extract.

With the composition with all these active ingredients the manufacturers of Acai Burn claim that consumers will lose up to 450% more weight than by exercise and diet alone. According to a recent study (conducted by Acai Burn) participants lost about 12 – 15 pounds in 2 months clinical study.

Acai Burn contradictions

Besides weight loss and many health benefits Acai Burn officials and creators claim that this supplement will supply the users with some additional health benefits. This supplement has been featured on CNN and

What happens next…

This “weight loss” product suddenly came from nowhere and many people wanted to know background of this supplement. So we done some research and discovered several studies about Acai Burn. Those studies have proven that:

  • Acai Burn has not been approved by FDA
  • Acai Berry and Acai Burn may supply consumers with some health benefits but there are absolutely no studies to prove that Acai Burn induces weight loss
  • Long term and side effects of this product are generally unknown
  • Possible consumers must consult a physician before they include any weight loss supplement to avoid any potentially health problems.

or even better solution…