Acai Patch Review

acai patch reviewLatest product Acai Patch is absolutely new radical way of absorbing Acai Berry nutrients.

Acai Patch is causing appetite suppression, fat burning and energy boosting. This is one of the most popular patches today.

The Acai Berry Patches are working immediately when applied to skin.

This is a perfect combination of Green Tea extract and The Antioxidant Acai Patch.

During trans-dermal nutrient discharge, the dominant elements are steadily but surely absorbing into the skin by slow tempo to allow 24 hours worth of antioxidant control.

Instruction for use:

Apply one patch to a clean part of the skin each day as instructions are suggesting. The best areas to apply Acai patch should be dry, clean and free from hair: behind the knee, mid abdomen, upper arm, crease of elbow, inside of the wrist, shoulder, the back, etc.

Top recommendation is to change old patch with a new one every 24 hours. In every pack you will find 30 patches.


-Freeze dried Acai Berry,
-Chromium Polynicotinate,
-Camellia Sinensis,
-Garcinia Cambogia,
-Vitamin B3,
-Vitamin B6.

If you are lazy to pop up pills, then this is a right thing for you!