Adipex vs Proactol

adipex vs proactolAcross the U. K and U.S. Adipex is product existing as stimulant. Most popular benefits of Adipex diet pills are:

  • Reducing your calorie intake
  • Suppressing your appetite
  • helping you lose weight

How does Adipex work?

Adipex is stimulating certain nerve bundles in the central nervous system. It makes your brain „think“that your whole body is under big stress and it is under alert. Reaction to this state: your brain in order to cope with such situation, suppresses your appetite so weight reduction process starts.

Adipex vs Proactol

Present in many countries, consumers who have tried both products have experienced weight loss of 1-2 lbs per week. But this could be the only similarity that bonds these two supplements. Latest studies are showing that Adipex has side effects after all.

Side effects of Adipex

Adipex is used widely all over UK and US but it has a limit of 3 months usage period. Comes with an advice that no other medications can be mixed with it. So this is questionable supplement.

Patients who consumed some other medications in combination with Adipex (Phen-fen, Redux) have developed lung disorder called Pulmonary Hypertension.

That is a very serious lung condition that can be fatal for some users. Visit for more information. Unfortunately, this is not an end of Adipex’s side effects list. Consumers of Adipex can also experience alteration of blood vessels in their lungs and inner heart lining if they used it more than 12 week recommendation.

If you consider all these symptoms it is obvious that you should use this supplement only under doctor’s supervision and absolutely when necessary.

Recent studies are discovering that Adipex can cause palpitations, convulsions and breathless in the long term. This is a product that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Adipex or Proactol

Well, Proactol does have reputation being natural fat binder and successful appetite suppressant. In one compact package users find 100% pure organic supplement that contains no hidden ingredients. Proactol Plus has no side effects and there are absolutely no restrictions in period of intake.

Meaning you can consume it as long as you need. Shelf life of this product has no limits which make it unique among other weight loss products and it is extremely beneficial to the body: increased joint flexibility, lower blood cholesterol etc. All those benefits are truly a bonus.

But all this information about Proactol Plus doesn’t mean that Adipex is not working at all. It is proven that Adipex reduces user’s appetite and calorie intake. It can provide first step in weight loss. Biggest problem of Adipex is restriction of usage. There is a consuming limitation on just 12 weeks of weight loss.

After that, effectiveness disappears. If you are searching for healthy weight loss, best solution for you is Proactol Plus. Why? For starters it has NO SIDE EFFECTS plus Proactol Plus offers numerous health benefits. With Proactol Plus you don’t have to worry about your health at all.

adipex vs proactol