Alli Review

alliHave you ever heard about this weight loss supplement? If you have a problem with your excessive weight you might heard something about Alli.

This is one of the first non-prescription diet pills that have some medical back up. Nowadays it is very rare to find weight lost supplements with medical back up. Actually Alli is not so different from Xenical.

We could say that this weight loss pill is a half-dozen Xenical. Xenical’s officials know that their supplement is dangerous so they reduce dosage of ingredients.

That is the story of Alli. But it is one of very popular weight loss pills on the market. It is more favored than many other non-prescription tablets. The main content is Orlistat.

This important ingredient is helping you to block your fat consumption. If you are one of those people who simply can not resist eating high-level fat foods than Alli is what you were looking for.

But if you often consume high-calorie foods you must be extremely careful, because this instantly causes side effects of Alli.

The side effects of Alli

The most known side effect of this supplement is frequent need to go to the bathroom. Although this is not dangerous, Diarrhea or high heart rate is, if you don’t be careful of what you are eating.

Other important ingredient of Alli is Orlistat. This compound is great fat blocker; it is also one of leading ingredients why Alli is so spread around the market.

Alli has received many testimonials from its consumers that lost those extra pounds thanks to Orlistat. However they also reported about Alli’s side effects.

Because of many users criticism, weight loss professionals and doctors decided to examine and analyze Alli. In their results they discovered that Alli has numerous side effects such as:

  • High heart rate
  • Anal leakage
  • Urgent need to go to the bathroom
  • Diarrhea

What is the best thing to do?

Some of potential consumers are still thinking weather to take risk or no. Alli officials claim that this weight loss pill could help you to lose 8 – 12 pounds without exercise per month. The truth is, you will never achieve that weight loss unless you EXERCISE.

Alli is as you already know by now a product that blocks fat. It will work only if you repeatedly eat high level foods and consume less carbohydrate. If your eating habit has no disorders Alli won’t work. It will only reduce 2 – 5 pounds per month.

This product works fine only if you have problem with your eating habits. If you consume fats more than usual, Alli will help you to absorb fat, but you will also experience its side effects. So this is Alli’s formulation:

  • If you don’t won’t to experience side effects of Alli eat properly
  • If you eat properly Alli won’t work
  • If you can not resist yourself eating high-fat foods Alli will work great
  • If you do that you will induce side effects


So what is the best choice to make? Generally speaking, base on all facts Alli is great supplement and its effectiveness is satisfying. But can you ignore all these side effects? Why buy this supplement when you can find on the market better and healthier? In the end it is your choice isn’t it?