Apidexin review

apidexin reviewSome say that Apidexin as a dieting supplement is maybe the strongest fat burner today. This weight loss product is coming from the Apidexin Research & Development team. Mainly, it main role is to help men and women to shed 4 to 7 lbs of unwanted fat per every week.

Also, while taking Apidexin it would be great to apply some exercise plan. One bottle of Apidexin last for 4 weeks and its best recommendation is to take Apidexin twice a day, 30 minutes before breakfast and 30 minutes before lunch.

Price of Apidexin is $99.95 per bottle for a month supply but you can get on their website full money back guarantee. In Apidexin tablets you can find eight proactive ingredients:

  • ThermoDiamine (Evodiamine),
  • Lipolide SC (supports fat burning process),
  • Bioperine (assists dieter’s body to absorb ingredients),
  • GuggulEZ100 (boosts metabolic rates, increases fat loss and aids with blood sugar levels),
  • ForsLean (raises lean muscle tissue),
  • Fucoxanthin and Razberi-K (boosting the user’s metabolism and helps with thermo genesis) and
  • Infinergy (boosts mental awareness and energy).

How Apidexin works?

Apidexin is basically weight loss tablet that claims to:

  • assist you with improving your body thermo genesis
  • boosting lean muscle tissue
  • optimizing sugar level in blood
  • raising fat burning process
  • speeding up metabolism activity

Also, on the official website there are success stories and several users’ testimonials. Anyway, it seems that there aren’t any free trial samples of Apidexin at the moment. With reference to medical examinations Apidexin website claims that this weight loss product has clinical proof.

Then again, any clinical trials are no where to see on website what would be most interesting.


  • Everyone of 8 active components are registered and described on Apidexin’s official website,
  • You can order this weight loss product without physician’s prescription and it is available in the simple pill.
  • Lose weight, boost muscles


  • You can’t find any medical or clinical information about this supplement on their website,
  • So far there are a very small number of testimonials from Apidexin customers,
  • At this time free trial samples are not possible to receive,
  • You can’t get a full list of components anywhere on the website,
  • This is a bit expensive weight loss product for average user because it is $99.95.