Brown Seaweed Extract Meratol UK Review

brown seaweed extract meratol uk reviewBrown seaweed extract can supply 100% weight loss assistance and weight reducing control. This extract contains extreme amounts of originale marine polyphenols, trace elements and minerals.

Meratol is proven by Clinical Studies

What Brown Seaweed Extract offers?

  • Energy consumption enhance, associated to thermogenesis
  • Calorie intake decrease (inhibition of digestive enzymes)
  • High level of minerals and antioxidants
  • 100% weight loss assistance

Active content – Phlorotanins

Medical and Clinical Background

This is a clinical research with acceptance of an overweight woman during 8 weeks period:

  • Approximately 3kg weight loss
  • 76% of clients convinced by ID-aIG
  • Shaped thighs and buttocks
  • 100% weight-loss = fat loss
  • Absolutely no side effects

In vitro studies (inhibition of digestive enzymes)
In vivo study on rats:

  • Full Body fat mass control
  • Weight regulation in the case of hypercaloric diet

meratol appetite suppressant


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