Cactus Essence Meratol UK Review

Cactus Extract is 100% organic and natural ingredient that is consist of dehydrated cactus leaves. Cactus Extract provides some amazing benefits to a dieter’s body:

  • Lipophilic properties – power to interrelate with fats
  • Blood lipid parameters and Syndrome X diagnosis
  • 2001: 2g of Cactus Extract, links to a test meal absorbs part of total fatty acids throughout four hours in vitro test.
  • 2004: Evaluation between NeOpuntia and brand Chitosan: Cactus Extract is lowering fatty acids bio-availability, while Chitosan shows no effects at all.
  • 2005: Cactus Extract’s lipophilic components are established when related to ordinary American breakfast

Pilot clinical research:

  • 2003: During placebo controlled examination researchers find out that Cactus Extract may boost fat secretion up to 27%

Published Clinical Study:

E. Linares. The result of Cactus Extract on blood lipid parameters – risk factors for Syndrome X (Metabolic Syndrome). Advances in Therapy®, vol. 24 N°5 ; september-october 2007. Research performed on 68 women separated into 2 groups (Cactus Extract and Placebo group), through 6 weeks:

  • In women 45 years or older, Cactus Extract considerably raises HDL cholesterol level (p=0,029)
  • On the entire population, Cactus Extract raises HDL cholesterol level, with a major trend (+0.0217 g/l)

Nearly 40% of females in the Cactus Extract group are no longer linking with Syndrome X, next to only 8% for the Placebo group.

cactus essence meratol uk review


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