Coffee yes or no

coffee yes or noAfter water off course, coffee is most common fluid in the world that people consume. You ask yourself is coffee really this tasty or just addictive?

I guess it is both. I think good coffee has something almost sexy about it. You can’t compare it with anything. You just love to drink it. What is most relaxing thought? Good cup of hot coffee on a cold morning.

Hot Cup of Coffee

While it is snowing outside, you hold in your hands nice steamy cup. So is it good or bad? It actually depends who is talking about the subject. Anyway you should drink coffee reasonably. One or two cups per day are OK. But if you drink coffees every hour from time your wake up then that’s something we really should talk about.

For starters coffee turns your teeth to yellow. So, you can whiten your teeth. But instead of that it wouldn’t hurt if you cut back a little on cups. What about coffee breath? Heavy coffee drinkers have really nasty breath. Have you ever smelled it? It’s just wow! What about kissing that person on the lips?

Stress; stress levels are way higher. Too much coffee makes you more tempered. Risk of heart attack is involved too. Have you noticed how much a person after too much coffee shakes?
Sterility; yes, it has influence on males semen. It lowers sperm count, believe it or not guys its true.

Stomach problems; if you drink too much coffee you may have some stomach difficulties. Stomach don’t like too much of this fluid. So, is there something good about it?

It actually prevents prostate cancer and that’s a fact, because one coffee ingredient called boron helps preventing prostate cancer. It’s great social drink! From time to time a cup of coffee can’t hurt. Usually people go to coffee house to talk and chat.

You never know, you could meet someone interesting. In some countries you start and finish a meal with a coffee. As everything in life, you should do things reasonable. Coffee might taste good, but in the long run, ask yourself.


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