curvatrimCurvatrim as many know it as “female body enhancement formula” claims that can do anything, fat burning, libido boosting, breast building and acne fighting. First of all it is a bit contradictory that some pill can at the same time make breasts bigger and burn fat.

So Curvatrim looks like that it is not something that it should be. Actually this product is the same as another weight loss tablet called Xylestril, but with a different name when the same product is marketed under several names it often means that it is not so effective supplement.

Unfortunately, Curvatrim does not contain anything that can clear up acne or make your breasts grow. Usually if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. There is no medical or scientific proof of existence of any kind natural ingredient or herb that will enhance your breast size.

This is the reason why the US Federal Trade Commision filed law suits against many companies which claims that they can induce “breast enhancement”. But it looks like that this supplement has some good ingredients. Problem is that they are all part of “proprietary blend” which means that you can not know is there a high enough amount of these ingredients to cause weight loss effect.

CurvaTrim ingredients

Having a lot of ingredients is not so good thing for Curvatrim. Considering that they are part of “proprietary blend” all ingredients that could do something with your weight loss are minimised. Any way here is the list:

  • Chocamine
  • Cinnamon
  • Green tea
  • Fenugreek
  • Razberry K
  • Ginger root

Chocamine is stimulant based substance delivered from, believe it or not, chocolate. There is still no actual proof that this ingredient is effective but it looks promising.

Cinnamon is believed to regulate levels of cholesterol within human body by reducing bad cholesterol and maintaining a good one. It is also claimed that this ingredient reduce blood sugar levels if eaten insignificant amounts (more than this pill contains).

Green tea has been examined several times by many clinical studies. It is proven that this ingredient actually helps in weight loss.

Fenugreek aids to balance level of glucose and cholesterol. There are certain studies that claims fenugreek may help in maintain current weight.

Razberi Ketone is recent chemical ingredient extracted from raspberries. It may help to prevent obesity but more examination is necessary to establish weight loss effectiveness.

Ginger root is claimed to stimulate cell activity and this is why it could be found in some diet products. But if we want to be sure about benefits of ginger root in weight loss more studies and research must be conducted.


It seems that Curvatrim may have some effective ingredients but not high enough amounts. Composition of this supplement appears to be not so strong after all. You can purchase Curvatrim for $39.99 per bottle which is one month supply (90 pills).

Curvatrim does have a certain returning policy (or so they claim) but company profile and reputation are low and marketing is a bit sketchy (two names – one pill). Maybe it would be better to choose some more beneficial diet pill from some credible company.