Energy Drinks

energy drinksTo take or not to take energy drinks or energy bars actually depends on who you are; do you really need those things?

We are not sure that you do. We saw lots of people taking these drinks all day long. Usually it was over weighted guy who were also getting a hamburger during eating a hot dog. So it looks like they are not drinking it to lose weight.

If you are not going to use that energy drink to work out with, don’t take it at the first place. Spend your money on something more important.

Energy drinks and energy food

But why fat guys do eat energy bars? The power of TV commercials. People respond to the marketing. They think if they drink power drinks, they will be just like their sports hero.

But if you do exercise, this may be a great tool for you. Do you know that you shouldn’t eat at all at least two hours before going to the gym? It takes up to 60 minutes for food to digest.

NOW, its time for energy bar snack!!! It is small, so your body can digest it very fast. Eat one an hour before exercise and you won’t even know that you were there.

For approximately 30 minutes of working out, take about 16oz of sports drink. That is a good proportion because for about 40 minutes it is completely absorbed, so drink it before you exercise.

If you are an ordinary Joe who drinks those things and not working out, well, don’t. You are wasting your money. You are not getting anything of these drinks. With average diet you will get the same level of energy.

Get informed and start a healthy diet. Just ensure that you are eating right and you are getting a good night sleep. You will feel change in no time.

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