Fenphedra Review

Fenphedra ReviewDesigners of Fenphedra claim that this is a “high performance weight-loss formula”, it is interesting that word High is used here because Fenphedra is inducing weight loss just like cocaine does. Many health specialists don’t agree that this is a proper processing of weight loss plan.

Fenphedra’s list of ingredients is not big, there are 4 components, three of them contain caffeine and all 4 of them are stimulants, but there are few more ingredients that are not so pleasant for anyone.
Chocamine sounds like just another weird called ingredient; actually it is just a cocoa.

It is antioxidant that is filled with iron, vitamin C, zinc, chromium and magnesium but it is really here as another way of rising caffeine level.
Dicaffeine Malate is a combination of caffeine and malic acid. Dicaffeine Malate is here to boost your energy and most important to suppress your appetite and food cravings. Malic acid is merely a food additive.

Phenylethylamine is a substance considered as stimulant, it is the mood enhancing formula that can be found in chocolate. All these ingredients are not as bad as the next one.

Synephrine HCl is a patented version of citrus aurantiu, it is better known as bitter orange peel. This is a substitution for extremely dangerous product ephedra which is now banned. According to the New York Times it is as health risking as its predecessor. Bitter orange peel has in its composition synephrine – the active ingredient in ephedra that is connected to strokes, heart attacks and death.

Also, based on a study conducted by Adam Myers biophysics and professor of physiology at Georgetown University Medical Center in Washington, there are no connection between bitter orange peel and weight reduction.

Fenphedra influence

Fenphedra is designed to boost user’s Cocaine-Amphetamine-Regulatory-Transcript (which enables user to become euphoric and energetic).  Also, inhibiting Neuropeptide Y (which makes user hungry). But, true question is does Fenphedra works at all?

Well, it does what it claims but it is the same process as you would drink strong coffees all day. Or do lots of cocaine every day. One bottle costs $69.99 with a money back guarantee. But that guarantee works for only unopened bottles which reveals that they don’t believe much in their product.