Fitness tips and tricks

Push ups

Fitness tips and tricksWhen you first open “the big book of fitness exercises” you will find that push ups are the oldest trick of all. This exercise is so popular and well known that I think Roman’s soldiers invented it.

It even looks and feels ancient. This exercise is not just very simple but unbelievably effective. So let’s make those pectorals bulge. Push ups are exercise that can be done just anywhere. Classic push up is performed lying face down the floor and then using your arms, move your body up and down.

This exercise is strengthening your triceps, pectorals and deltoids. It is also beneficial for your complete body strength.If you really want to put your shoulders in motion and chest muscles then try press ups. This is athletic or military variation of push ups.

This is performed with legs and back straight and off the floor. If you are at home or office you can put your feet on a low chair. Just not to raise your feet too high above the shoulders. It is very important to start slowly and be very carefully not to hurt yourself during exercises. If you want to get back in shape do not avoid push ups.

Sit ups

There are days when getting up in the morning and going straight to work can be a bore. Sometimes you just don’t feel like getting out of the bed. At that moment, exercise is the best solution.

A quick work out can do wonders to your health. Sit ups are great exercise because you can do it anywhere (at home, office).
To perform it you must lie on the floor and band your knees at 90 degrees.

Then you need to sit up without moving your legs. It is important not to use your legs to balance your body because you will get no benefit from this workout. What would be easier for your back is that you perform this exercise on a workout mat or pad. It is recommended because of your lower back bones.

Now, if you want to make your sit ups fully effective you should combine them with some cardiac exercises such as running. This exercise is great for your abdominal. Be very determining. Don’t give up because in a short period of time you could show off your abs.

Stair sprinting

Losing weight is easy. Anybody can do it. Just be careful what you eat, little bit of exercise, little bit of diet and that’s it. In no time you will be looking slim just like you were before. It sounds so easy. Actually, it is. It takes just a bit more.

More exercising, more fat burning. A simple exercise that we all can perform called stair sprinting. As its name says, just run up and down the stairs between two floors. The more floors the better exercise.

It would be a good idea to start small; even you are great physical condition.

Run up and down about 4 floors 2 times. Do the two reps for two weeks every other day. After two weeks, raise the number of reps in order to put the muscles to work.

This exercise is great for the legs and ass. You can make shapely ass and powerful thighs by this exercise. Carrying your own weight up the stairs puts stress on the muscles, but be very careful, you can easily miss a step or trip and fall.

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