Medical backing of Hoodia Gordonii

Medical backing of Hoodia GordoniiThere is a large number of companies out there that sells Hoodia. Many of them claim that they sell true quality Hoodia and that it is authentic. Most common argument that they offer is having a CITES Certificate which is about place of origin and that product is being tested in laboratory by Alkemist Pharmaceuticals.

But most people don’t know that there are many other certificates and laboratory facilities that can provide more proof and facts about origin and quality of Hoodia. Besides all the information they provide it still doesn’t mean that it is all true.

Some companies falsely put on CITES Certificate on their web site even though it is not theirs. Yes, they hide important information that can prove otherwise. Go on the web right now and look! You will find in between some Hoodia sites that some contain certificates with blacked out text or completely unreadable.

I want Hoodia that works!

So what is the right way to choose proper Hoodia product? Two best ways are:

  1. Don’t even look at reviews about Hoodia products that has blacked out sections about certificate

2. Use safest Hoodia products that can further back the above

Learn more about Unique Hoodia

Now, let’s talk about Unique Hoodia appetite suppressant. On Unique Hoodia web site you have easy access on ALL documentation and distinctly see EVERYTHING that these documents contain.

But also you can find more proof of credibility of this particular product. There is a Certificate of Analysis and Organics Annex Certificate too.

Certificate of Analysis is issued to the Hoodia Gordonii supply before it enters the country. It is legal confirmation that it is 100% pure and unaltered Hoodia Gordonii. This Certificate shows that it was tested under HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography).Organics Annex Certificate (OAC) – main application of OAC is providing legal evidence that there was no “middle party” involved in a process that could interfere with the product while it was exported to Unique Hoodia.

Then there are more facts that you can obtain. A fact that Unique Hoodia is also been tested by CNL, a laboratory that is equally well known and reputable at Alkemist Pharmaceuticals. So, smartest thing to give to yourself is unaltered pure Hoodia Gordonii that you can trust.

Because there are many things that you can benefit from this amazing product:

  • 100% pure Hoodia Gordonii, unaltered with no additives, fillers or lubricants
  • Calorie reduction of 2000 calories per one day
  • It is more productive then glucose up to 10000 times
  • High levels of self esteem and energy

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