Phentermine Review

phentermineOriginally Phentermine was used in the medical field to treat obesity, this weight loss product is an appetite suppressant. It is very similar to Amphetamine, also it is used as an “anorexigenic” or “anorectic” type of medication.

It is known as a stimulant which increases blood pressure and heart rate.

These changes in human body are believed to induce appetite reduction. This product can be found as ingredient of many weight loss pills. It was planned to be consumed as a short-term diet pill in combination with diet and exercise.

Phentermine features

Considering that Phetermine can be obtain on many websites, many doctors and weight loss experts recommend usage of this supplement only when prescribed by a physician to treat obesity in clinical conditions.

Although Phetermine is prescribed for a short periods of time it rarely exceeds 3 month usage. Because of its strong effect some consumers may become addictive.

You should also avoid using this supplement if you have history of heart disease, high blood pressure or arteriosclerosis. Recommended dosage of Phentermine is once daily, usually after morning meal. It is not recommended in the evening hours because of the insomnia effect.

Phentermine Advantages

  • This is believed to be a prescription strength appetite suppressant to help with weight loss
  • This product can be easily bought on line through many sites


  • Phentermine can easily cause addiction and it is not recommendable for users who have similar problems
  • Phentermine must not be used for a long periods of time
  • Detailed list of ingredients is impossible to obtain
  • Side effects such as irregular heart beat, diarrhea, blurred vision


Due to addictive and strong effect of this substance it is advised to use it:

  • only when prescribed
  • under supervision of medical officials.

If you are searching for effective appetite suppressant look for supplements that contain ingredients that are safe for human health. Safest way to lose your excessive weight is a combination of healthy diet, exercise and medically proven, natural dietary supplement.