propolenePropolene is a diet product that creates a feeling of being full so lose of weight could be induced. Officials claim that it can balance triglyceride and cholesterol levels in most of the users. Here, you will discover a composition of this weight loss pill and how it actually works.

Propolene Ingredients

Glucomannan Propol (from Konjac root) 1500 mg, other ingredients:

  • Stearic acid
  • Gelatin
  • Magnesium stearate
  • Micro crystalline cellulose

Glucomannan is a kind of dietary fiber which works by absorbing water and creating a feeling of fullness. If you want to achieve a maximum out of Glucomannan you must intake 1 – 2 grams a day. You will find out that this supplement does contain enough amounts of Glucomannan to be beneficial.

But as soon as you quit taking Propolene weight loss supplement, created feeling of fullness will disappear so there is a possibility that you regain all that weight that you lost.


“Taking Propolene without adequate fluid may cause it to swell and block your throat or esophagus and may cause chocking. Do not take Propolene if you have difficulty in swallowing.”

So, are you ready to order?

Propolene dispute

The creators of Propolene have been charged by the FTC for making untrue statements. They were sentenced to pay $1.5 million. This verdict involved Propolene and another diet product Fiberslim which also has Glucomannan in its composition.


The cost of Propolene diet pill is $29.95 for 90 capsules. If you consume maximum prescript dosage and that is 9 pills a day one box will last 10 days. As you see this diet pill will cost you almost $90. Don’t you think that this is a bit expensive diet pill?

Auto shipping?

Propolene Company has a policy of auto shipping. They send automatically more pills every 4 weeks and charge their users no matter they want it or not. Many of us prefer companies that only send us their product when we actually ask for it.


All supplements sent by Propolene have a 30 day money back guarantee less shipping and handling. This is not so great guarantee after all. Better guarantee would be 60 or 90 day so consumer could see is this product working or not.


In this review about Propolene you can inform yourself that Propolene can help you to feel full, which can induce a weight loss. But it wouldn’t harm if this weight loss supplement has some proven ingredients like tyrosine or green tea. Also they should shut down that ridiculous auto shipping. And what about those FTC charges? It looks like thumbs down for Propolene.