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pure acai berry max reviewWe have all heard about super food Acai Berry and its top supplement – Pure Acai Berry Max. Health experts also attached “fast weight loss power”. And they are right. Acai berry can literally boost and ease your dieting efforts.

When we discuss about body health in general, this is an amazing peace of work. Most important thing is that it is 100% natural and organic.

This is great considering that today there are so many artificial created weight loss supplements, so this information is very refreshing and reassuring. But, before you make any decision learn some new stuff about this super food, then head for your new impressive look.

You must also know that there huge number of Acai pills on market and they are not made and composed equally. Here, in this review and on this site I will reveal you what kind of Acai supplement meets highest standards and quality and which one EXACTLY is successfully working. How do I know that? Because I personally tested it.

First, we must determine what is most important for this Acai supplement to work best and achieve the best results for a dieter:

  • It is required that a product must be 100% organic and own a genuine ORAC rating certificate. It also needs to contain a written guarantee that can accomplish a full effect of Acai berry
  • A product must be dried 100%. A number of manufacturers are lowering a price on their product by process of air drying or some other poor methods. Don’t be scammed and use only the right thing
  • If you want to achieve proper results with Acai berry you must consume 500-1000mg of this powerful supplement. Any other fewer amounts will not show expected results

Scientists, health experts and nutritionists who created Pure Acai berry max guarantee, based on several unbiased studies and examinations that with Pure Acai berry max you will receive the following:

  • 100% Pure Acai berry with no fillers or additives
  • Safe, healthy and quick weight reduction
  • Freeze dried and completely organic supplement with ORAC certificate
  • No “free trial” scams, you are ordering when YOU are ready
  • If you are not satisfied you get Full Money Back Guarantee
  • No artificial colors or chemical substances, just a pure Acai berry
  • Unbelievable 1500mg of pure Acai berry each and every day

If you search for something other than freeze dried, 100% pure and organic Acai I assure you, you are wasting your money and your precious time. It is most likely that you may buy first Acai product that you ran into because today different kinds of media are talking about it constantly.

Stay away from “Free Trial” products – it is a scam

If you want to buy PureAcaiBerry™, the only place you can get it is www.pureacaiberry.com. You can find a great number of websites out there that are offering “free trial” Acai, my advice to you is to stay away from them at all cost.

What is Acai Free Trial?

So called “Acai Free Trial” is, (not free at all), subscription system where they send you a new bottle of Acai every month, no matter you want it or not. When you order for the first time they say that you are paying only the shipping expenses so that is the moment when they keep your credit card information.

After 30 days they not only send you another bottle but they bill you without your approval.
Things gets even worse when you discover that they put information about all of this somewhere well hidden so you will spent few extra hours to find it and cancel further shipping.

Plus, you are paying double price of Pure Acai berry for just air dried Acai. Very important fact: only freeze drying can preserve all valuable content, antioxidants and Acai berry weight-loss effectiveness. All nutritive composition is gone if it is not freeze dried.