Reduce your appetite

Reduce your appetiteFor some people it can be really hard job to do, considering that health is most important thing in our lives, you must ask yourself:

“Is it healthy to suppress your appetite?” Appetite absolutely must be reduced when it begins to affects your health. In order to suppress your appetite you just don’t eat too much.

In time you begin to consume less than your body needs for normal functioning. At that point your body is weakling and you become suitable for infections and diseases.

So, what is the right method to reduce your appetite safely?

What is important to remember: eat smaller portions and drink lots of, lots of water. Keeping your stomach full is essential. Don’t eat three large meals, swap them for few smaller.

Try to drink up to 6 liters of water every day. There is no harm drinking lots of fluids during a day. Do it whenever you want, even during meals.


When you drink few glasses of water before your meal, you are suppressing your appetite because your stomach expands and creates a feeling of fullness and there is very little room for food, too.

This is the quickest way to suppress your appetite. If you are hungry just before lunch, grab a glass of water.


Salad is another great appetite suppressant. When it is time for your next meal you may eat salad too. It fills your stomach and slows hunger down. You can eat it any time you want.


Fruits should be part of every meal during a day. Take all kinds of fruits apples, grapes, strawberries, oranges. With fruits there is no mistake. It is very essential for your health too.

Breakfast No.1 meal!

Skipping breakfast creates strong feeling of hunger during a day causing to a large amount of food going fast into your stomach. So, eat in the morning! As we all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

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