Safe menu to lose weight

Safe menu to lose weightEveryone wants to lose weight, but nobody is sure how? You really should not try with some rigorous diets. You can actually eat normally, but the difference between before and now is to watch out from large amount of calories you take. So main thing is that you need to learn what you should and should not eat. What is important, you must choose what goes in that satisfy your hunger without too much calories. Fatty foods and sweets contain the highest amounts of calories, which is a big NO, NO.

Fish and chicken

Fish and chicken contains lots of proteins and are great for your diet. Basically, all white meats are suitable for your diet because it contains very small percentage of fat and cholesterol. Do not use too much fatty oil while cooking, also do not eat skin!


Beans are very recommended food for weight care. One of its main content is protein, but it has high level of carbohydrate. Therefore, you should consume it in first half of the day.

All carbohydrates that you consume in the late afternoon and evening turns to fat.

It is very important not to get bored during the process of diet. If you could manage to combine healthy eating, fat binders and exercise you will lose your weight consistently every week/month with a little effort.

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