Silver Slimming Pills and Patches Review

Silver Slimming Pills Review

Silver Slimming Pills and Patches ReviewSilver products are consisting of simply the best natural components with assistance of appetite suppressants and Thermo genesis which can speed up your metabolic tempo and boost energy levels of your body.

Main goal is to feel good about yourself so you become more supportive to centered and more positive life. Nowadays many people focus on what is happening around them and they pay no attention on body needs until one day, they notice that something is wrong with a body shape.

Realizing the new state leads to losing self esteem and confidence which is sometimes hard to break free. Silver Slimming Pills enables you to start feeling good about your body again.

How to use Silver Slimming Pills

If you want to obtain best results you should decrease your tea and coffee intake and drink 8-10 glasses of water every day. Top recommendation is to take 1-2 pills around 10.00 and 1-2 pills around 15.00 h. You mustn’t ever exceed 4 pills in one day! Recommended use for Silver Slimming Pills night-time formulation is 2 pills with a glass of water at bedtime.


Goru Cola, Tocophcryl Acetate, Amino Acid, Magnesium Carbonate, Potassium, Hydroxy Citrate, Damiana Leaves, Zinc, Guarana Extract, Chromium, Ginseng Root, Amino Acid, Powder Spirulina, Extract Caffeine, Chelate Di Alpha, Cayenne, Soy Lecithin, Chelare Powder Bioprene.

Observation: Pill skin is created out of gelatine.

Lose weight fast and easily with Silver Slimming 4 Week & 7 Week pill Courses.

Silver Slimming Patches

Silver Slimming PatchesIn a package you will find 28 Patches to control your appetite completely naturally. It is consisting of just one natural ingredient!

Top recommendation is to wear a fresh patch on a daily bases without taking it off in order to maintain natural appetite suppression.

We all heard of nicotine patches that helped millions of people around the world, now people who are having difficulty with losing their weight have comparable assistance in the form of a patch.

How does Silver Slimming Patches work? In just a few days of using these patches user should detect a decrease in food cravings and expect feeling of full stomach after very short time during meal. Silver Slimming Patches are completely natural and include no additives or fillers.

Inside the Silver Slimming Patches you will find active ingredient Fucus Vesiculosus. This is a ocean plant extract found off the Brittany coast that brakes down fat reserves and support metabolic rate.

Ingredients: 15mg Fucus Vesiculosus

Probably some users with sensitive skin condition may experience allergic reaction or redness on using the patch. If this event ever occurs try to use a less sensitive area. But if irritation persists then you should discontinue usage.

Any person who is on medication or lactating or pregnant women should consult their physician first before use. Also, please read carefully all directions before use.

Instructions: Apply 1 Silver Slimming Patch to 1 of the next areas, but make sure that areas are free from hair and dry: shoulder, back, upper arm, behind the knee, inside of the wrist, under the arch of the foot, crease of elbow or mid abdomen. Every 24 hours replace the patch with a new one.