Why am I fat?

Why am I fatIf you are working 24/7, travelling a lot, if you are busy at home, then probably you don’t have any time left for diet or exercise at all.

If you cannot find some spare time for you and your healthy life style your health is most likely jeopardized in a long run.

Day by day you will gaining that extra weight, pound by pound. One day you will looking at a scale asking yourself what happened.

I guess you will decide to start eating healthy and start looking into labels in grocery store. For many kinds of foods manufacturers claim that it is fat free or contains very small percent of fat.

What they do is staffing that food with sugar and additives to enhance the flavor and that is worse than fat. You will digest that food in no time and be more hangrier than before meal.

If you try to skip meals, well you shouldn’t. This way you are slowing your metabolism which is causing possibility to overeat next time you ask for a meal and store more fat.

Safest way to go is to have five or six smaller meals throughout a day, because you won’t bloat, overeat, or slow your digestion process. All of this is leading to weight gain which will be very hard to get rid of later on.

Every time when you sit down to eat, concentrate on your plate content. Don’t watch TV or look into your cellphone or tablet. Your stomach need approximately 20 minutes to tell your brain that you are full.

And I bet that you eat fast and you need less than 10 minutes to finish your meal. Eat slowly, chew your food at least 20 times because you will benefit from it.

Food that you thoroughly chew will be digested much more easily so your stomach won’t be under pressure.

Until now you are well informed with the information you need to go in healthy direction. If you are showing interest you are probably planning to take action too. Reading about this will guide you what should you do and what you shouldn’t.

Also, it is well known fact that obesity is causing many diseases like stomach problems, heart problems, cancer, etc.

It is easy to stay healthy, you just need a little push. Leading a healthy life style will not only improve your health, but your mind and your looks too. Eat healthy, live healthy and shape that healthy body you deserve.

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