Why am I overweight?

Why am I overweight?You won’t get any success in losing your weight until you discover why you are overweight in the first place. Then find the way to avoid all that.

Usually overweight people don’t want to accept fact of their obesity so they pick a quarrel if someone notices that.

But in time they come to realize that and self confidence drops. Main thing is when you finally face the facts, do you just say: “OK I am fat, but what can I do with it? “. Do you just tolerate that or you say: “ENOUGH! THAT’S IT!!! “.


People usually say that they have their meals at the wrong time of the day at the wrong amounts. Then there are children, job and lots of every day duties. Others say that they are fighting to lose some weight by taking fluids such as coffee and diet coke.

Yes, a lot of fluid is good but not coffee and coke. One coke is said to contain around 8 cubes of sugar. Coffee is not all about caffeine; it also has ingredients that in a long term make your cholesterol level hit the roof. And the same thing applies for decaff. Don’t give yourself anymore excuses.

Don’t delay your problem anymore, It won’t get better

Unfortunately it will only get worse. Focus! Take your health in your hands. You just have to be a little bit more determining to make a change. Now, if you want to lose fat, you can’t just stop eating, you must burn it. Essential fact is that you need to burn more fat that you take in.

If you eat more than you use, during the day, these over plus calories will be stored as body fat. To avoid this you should either increase your daily activities or reduce your calorie intake. Best effect would be to do both. To speed up your fat loss here are few great tips:

  • Get your metabolism to speeds up. Exercise it. Make your life style more active. Your metabolism will follow and your weight will be coming off
  • As you know metabolism controls your weight. But you can control and adjust your metabolism thereby control your weight too. Exercise is a great way to speed metabolism up
  • Try to start a healthy balanced diet. Make your menu a variety of foods. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Involve some low fat products, fish, chicken, lean meats. Cut the salt and sugar and drink lots of water, NO ALCOHOL. When your hunger is sated, stop immediately
  • Rest and sleep sufficiently. An active life style will make you exercise to exhaustion. This will keep your metabolism quick and your fat low. By extending yourself to the limits you utilize 100% your heart, the lungs, body muscles and burn fat effectively
  • Let your mind become mentally strong. Don’t be obsessed with your weight. From time to time we all have a bad day. Maintain focused, follow this guidance and you will achieve your goals in no time

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